Welcome to

Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish Pagewood.


Week Day Masses:

Mon 8am,   Tues 7pm,   Wed 8am,  Thurs 8am,   Fri 8am,   Sat 8am

Weekend Masses:

Saturday Vigil at 5.30pm;   Sunday at 8am and 10am


Fr Daney is away until Monday 27th February 2023. Deacon Ronny D’Cruz will assist with your pastoral needs. Masses will be celebrated as usual.


First Friday of the month Anointing of the Sick during 8am mass starts on 3rd March 2023.


Happy New Year 2023!

May the New Year 2023 bring you and your loved ones divine blessings of good health, prosperity and spiritual wealth and happiness.        


Corpus Christi College Maroubra (ex-Champagnat College Pagewood)

welcome their first cohort of boys and girls in Year 7.



 Sacred Heart Matraville Primary School is now open

from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Get in touch to find out more. Please contact 0476 183 408 or email us on: info@shmatraville.catholic.edu.au



The engraved pavers  of

ex-OLA Primary School students and Families

from Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary School  front entrance have been removed and are being stored in a secure shed on the Matraville site. All pavers will be laid in Stage 3 of the building project as part of the Sacred Heart Matraville Primary School Sensory Garden. 



Family Educators liaise between our school and parish communities. The role is school based, 2.5 days per week. The role works to create invitational events, information sessions and activities that aim to connect families with the religious life of the school and the parish. Family educators also provide further support to families in the development of their child – spiritually, socially and educationally. A good heart and a big smile is all you need to be a great Family Educator. If you are interested in a Family Educator position in Sydney Catholic Schools follow this link.



Congratulations to Wendy Jo and Moses Anandan on becoming Catholic at OLA Pagewood Parish. They were baptised, received their First Holy Communion and conferred with the Sacrament of Confirmation on Sunday 7th Aug 2022.

We joyously welcome them into our community.


Children/Young People Safeguarding & Protection

(Click on the title above for more information and resources)

Our Parish endeavours to keep children and young people safe with the help of The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office. Parents/Guardians, Children, Young People and Families are encouraged to check the website to access the resources available. You are also encouraged to contact the parish if you wish to make enquiries about the parish’s child safety and protection policies and strategies or to provide suggestions on how to improve them.

Pagewood (Child) Safeguarding Induction & Refresher Sessions:


  All parish volunteers are required to have completed a Child Safeguarding course not longer than 3 years ago. If you are a parish volunteer and have not done a safeguarding course/session in 2022, please complete a session online.

(A) The Safeguarding Induction course is available online by registering at the link https://forms.gle/XuQFsRsvq3BYtXqT9 The online course should be completed in less than one hour.

(B) The Safeguarding Refresher course is for the parish volunteers who have done a Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Child Safeguarding course/session in the past. The Safeguarding training sessions for parish volunteers are deemed acceptable ONLY from the Safeguarding & Ministerial Integrity Office, a trained Parish Safeguarding Officer or from The Confraternity of Christine Doctrine Office.

The Safeguarding Refresher course is available online by registering at the link  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSedvAFBWnBPwpkqKDWVrR_PAkJK-I7eTlsCf-bnNi0-S7B-zg/viewform

The online course should take less than one hour.


All readers, acolytes and ministers of communion need to have

current Working with Children Checks.


Child sexual abuse is a crime. The appropriate people to deal with crimes are the police. If you, or anyone you know, have been abused, please contact the police. Alternatively, you can contact the Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office at (02) 9390 5810 or safeguardingenquiries@sydneycatholic.org. You may also want to speak to your Parish Priest who will be able to provide support and guidance.

The Archdiocese has a legal obligation to report crimes to the police.


Acknowledgement of Country

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.


Hartford College– is an independent Catholic school for boys in Daceyville.

Hartford offers personalised education through to the HSC. Hartford’s educational mission educates the whole person, combining the quest for academic excellence with the development of the student’s character and faith. For more information and to register enrolment for 2023, please visit hartfordcollege.com.au.



All Appeals’ Envelope contributions may be placed in

any collection boxes in the church.

Thank you all for your donations throughout the year through the tap donation machines, weekly collections (planned giving envelopes and loose collections), monthly planned giving by credit card, online donations and various appeals. Your support is much appreciated.



For Other notices, please see our Parish News.


OLA PAGEWOOD PARISH is registered  COVID-19  SAFE  on The NSW Government  COVID-19 website.


PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE CHURCH if you have a fever, cough, sorethroat, loss of smell or loss of taste; or shortness of breath. 

Masks are not mandatory but encouraged to be worn in the church premises.  Please bring your own mask to wear when attending a church service or visiting the church premises.  Thank you.

Please maintain 1.5m distance from others.  

When exchanging the Sign of Peace, individuals should avoid shaking hands but say “Peace be with you” and offer a smile, wave, nod or bow.

The Body of Christ (communion host) should ONLY be received in the hand.

Please contribute your usual first and second collection offerings in the containers provided at the front of the church  OR by using your credit card on the 2 tap donation machines as you exit the church.

Please take home your bulletin copy and all your belongings. Please DO NOT leave your own booklets and flyers at the church porch. Thank you.

Please avoid touching statues and fixtures in the Church.

PLEASE GO HOME IMMEDIATELY if you develop any of the COVID-19 symptoms whist in the church. Contact the Coronavirus Health Hotline on 1800 020 080



OLA PAGEWOOD PARISH Weekly Collections

Two Tap Devices are available in the church for your weekly donations. These donations are divided equally to First Collection and Second Collection

First Collection or Pastoral Revenue : This collection is for the support of our clergy. It covers presbytery expenses; electricity, gas and water bills, housekeeping and stipends  of our priest. Deficit from the first collection is topped up by ‘Sydney’ Clergy Remuneration System (CRS). When this collection is in surplus, the surplus is sent to the CRS for distribution to needier parishes. Currently Pagewood Parish’s First Collection/Pastoral Revenue is in a deficit. Thank you for your donations.
Second Collection or the Planned Giving : This collection is for the repairs and maintenance of the Pagewood Church buildings, insurance, church running costs, liturgical needs (eg. altar flowers, altar bread and wine) and parish administration (eg staff expenses). Pagewood Parish had some repairs and maintenance work done; incurring considerable cost. Please kindly consider joining our Planned Giving by credit card. If you would like to join the planned giving by card, Or cash in envelopes, please contact the parish office. The loose second collection (cash not in envelopes) is also added to this collection. Thank you for your donations.
Alternatively , you can make an online donation by clicking on the yellow ‘Donate Now’ Tab at the top of this parish website. Please email OLA Pagewood Parish to indicate which collection you would like your donations to go to. Please note that both collections are not tax deductible.

Thank you very much for your donations and support.



Streaming daily Masses are  available at St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney’s website link: https://www.stmaryscathedral.org.au/

For Masses on Demand: click on link