Chance to Attend Mass

If you would like to chance to attend a weekend Mass of 50 people, please email or phone the Parish Office 9344 7914 and give your full name and phone number.

There is no need to book in for Weekday Masses.  Please record your name and contact details in the Mass Attendance Sheet for each Mass you attend.


We give thanks to the Lord that Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish has been for its people a place where they can meet their God in the Eucharist, grow together as a faith community, and hand this faith on down through the years to all of us.

The Pastors of this parish have been men of God, faithful stewards of the vineyard of the Lord with joyful and thankful hearts. May Our Blessed Mother protect all our Priests.

May Our Lady of the Annunciation keep us always in her loving care and may she find in the young hearts of all of us a willingness to place ourselves wholeheartedly at the service of God and His Church, and a desire to find our peace in His unique plan for us.